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The account of how Mercury Drug started is a well-known story of persistence and a strong desire to serve the populace. In 1945, Mercury Drug founder Mariano Que peddled medicines piece by piece from a pushcart.

Since then, Mercury Drug has grown to a 1200+-strong trusted retail chain in the Philippines. Today, it not only offers a wide range of high-quality products, its customer-centric service enables a one-stop shopping experience. The founder Mr Que advocated: ‘To serve you, to have what you want, when you want it.’

That slogan is now Mercury Drug’s mission. President Vivian Que-Azcona concurs, “We do everything to serve our customers – to have WHAT they want, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW they want it.”

Today, Mercury Drug offers other services, too, such as opening 24/7 in more than 100 stores nationwide, and six convenient options to serve customer orders, plus a self-service section for personal and household products, Suki Card for points and rewards, mercuryTV health tips, pharmacy counselling, free administration of vaccines, specialty care corners, gift certificates, e-gift cards and other exclusive items for loyal customers.

“Mercury Drug treats customers like kings,” says Assistant to the President, Steven Q. Azcona. “We value their voice, and we ensure that our digital media platforms are always ready to act on customer concerns. Feedback is incorporated into our frontliners’ training to ensure awareness and appropriate action in interacting with customers.”

Social responsibility programs that help ensure healthy lives and wellbeing, promote education, provide access to clean water and provide disaster relief, all contribute to make Mercury Drug a trusted brand that strives to make a difference beyond retailing.


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