Award: Gold
Category: Milk Tea Shop

GENUINE, MEMORABLE AND SPECIAL, this is the promise Macao Imperial Tea makes with each and every cup of its delicious milk teas. Originating as a little-known milk tea shop in Macau, Macao Imperial Tea was repackaged and brought to the Philippines by the Fredley Group of Companies.

Today it still upholds the original shop’s deeply rooted approach to milk tea, highlighting a mix of rich Macanese culture and a personalized experience. The cafés’ menus offer an impressive array of coffees, teas, sodas and cakes, as well as electric sockets and internet connections so customers can work or play while enjoying their food and drinks.

By constantly providing premium dining experiences through its exceptional and innovative products and customer service, the Fredley Group of Companies has become known as game changers in the food industry.

“We take pride in providing top quality food, service and atmosphere by bringing premium and innovative foreign restaurants to the Philippines that live up to the quality expected of a global brand, while catering to the local taste,” says Avin Ong, President & CEO.

“We have emulated this mission through innovating products, bringing new flavors and experiences to our customer base.”


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