Award: Gold
Category: Beauty/Slimming Centres

EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN, award-winning slimming and wellness brand London Weight Management (LWM) is renowned for its customised slimming treatments and bespoke weight-management services.

LWM has more than two decades of expertise, knowledge and research in a wide range of weight concerns that affect women, and uses the latest technologies to continually improve and upgrade its treatment services.

One such treatment is LWM’s award-winning ezSlim™, a targeted, revolutionary treatment using the latest slimming technology that delivers up to 7cm fat loss in just 30 minutes. 

Several Singaporean celebrities, such as Michelle Chong, Naomi Neo, Lydia Izzati and Candyce Toh, have praised the treatment after receiving glowing results. ezSlim™ treatments are customised based on a computerised Body Fat Analysis and one-on-one consultation to identify individual concerns and weight problems.

The customer experience is also of great importance to LWM and extends beyond appointments. Clients are provided with homecare products, customised meal plans and professional advice on maintaining their figure and health, which has won LWM numerous accolades, including the latest HW Spa Awards, Superbrands 2023, and the Trusted Brands awards for 11 years in a row.

To improve treatment standards, LWM launched a mystery shopper programme in which customers rate their experience. The feedback provides LWM with valuable information to continually improve on the service it provides.

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