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THE KNIFE BRAND IS SYNONYMOUS WITH COOKING OIL. Knife Cooking Oil becomes a part of the Malaysian Heritage, where it is a must-have for all households to cook up a storm during reunion dinner or family gathering. No matter what the occasion, Knife Cooking Oil dominates the blended cooking oil category with over 70% market share*.

This enduring success rests on two pillars: unwavering product quality and consistent brand value messaging. Knife Cooking Oil maintains its unique signature aroma and taste by using only the fi nest peanut oil without any artificial flavouring. Quality control measures ensure that each product meets strict standards for stability and nutrition, staying true to its tagline of ‘More Aroma, More Taste.’

Beyond product excellence, Knife embodies positive culture and value of Asians family bonding, togetherness and tenacity to do well (jia you), reflected in its ‘Always Be There’ Chinese New Year campaigns over the past seven years. This messaging resonates with loyal customers, fostering a sense of belonging and encouragement to overcome challenges and has constantly received positive feedback.

Knife brand has been creating good tasting sauces and condiments to complement its famous Knife Cooking Oil. Inspired by Penang’s culinary heritage, Knife successfully found a 60-year-old soy sauce in Penang to create the real taste of the popular dishes like Penang Char Kuey Teow. Launched in January 2024, Knife’s golden soy sauce undergoes a 180-day brewing process, capturing the authentic flavours of Penang cuisine. The product earned praise for its exceptional taste, dubbed ‘The Great Taste of Penang’.

Knife Cooking Oil’s transformation into a cultural icon reflects its dedication to quality, tradition, and innovation, remaining a cherished staple in Malaysian homes, enhancing meals and fostering family togetherness.

*Nielsen Retail Audit 2022

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