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BECAUSE MANY MALAYSIANS grew up with Knife cooking oil, the name is instantly recognisable in many households and brings back happy memories of family meals shared together. Knife’s tagline of ‘more aroma and more taste’ is synonymous with its leading blend of cooking oil and its signature peanut aroma that enhances the flavour and taste of all types of dishes. Plainly speaking, Knife cooking oil is a kitchen essential, whether you’re preparing a daily meal or cooking up a storm for family gatherings.

Knife’s association with the taste of ‘Mom’s cooking’ is the bedrock of the brand and its continued relevance to consumers today – where true joy lies in strong family bonding and togetherness. A simple meal with loved ones becomes a treasured moment of blessing and joy.

Promoting good family values and bonding Malaysian families has always been incorporated in the Knife brand DNA. As such, as the brand rolls out its digital campaign, family values continues to be the mission behind the brand’s communication of ‘Always Be There’. 

This year, Knife has continued to receive excellent responses from loyal consumers and digital audiences from all age groups, attracting over 1.5 million views and a high engagement rate.         

In pursuit of product improvement – and to live up to its tagline of ‘more aroma and more taste’ – the brand launched its newly upgraded light soy sauces with four areas of improvement: richer umami; non-GMO beans; naturally brewed longer; and stringent HACCP and Halal Food Safety Standards.

Testament to Knife’s continued trust from consumers, this year marks the 24th consecutive year that the brand has retained the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award.

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