Award: Gold
Category: Face Masks

FILIPINO-OWNED MEDICAL DEVICES BRAND INDOPLAS produces and supplies premium quality medical devices and products that adhere to international standards of manufacturing ingenuity, quality control and production excellence. Originally a contract manufacturer for multinational healthcare companies, Indoplas grew the company to the successful brand it is today in the early 2000s after great hardships caused by the Asian crisis in 1997.

Loyal customers of Indoplas products and face masks will testify to valuing its product innovation, functionality and quality. And due to the high protection level, comfort and ease of breathing of Indoplas face masks, almost all new users of the brand are instantly converted.

Since the pandemic, more Filipinos have an increased awareness and understanding of health issues, including the need for self-monitoring and protection, as well as benefits of exercise, proper diet, and monitoring bodily functions such as blood glucose levels, blood pressure and sleep patterns.

Almost all new users of Indoplas face masks are instant converts due to the high level of protection, comfort and ease of breathing.

To satisfy increasing demand for home care and self-monitoring equipment, Indoplas is increasing its product range of devices at a price point that is affordable for every Filipino. To ensure consumers have easy access, products are available online through Indoplas’ distribution partners.

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