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Category: Chinese Restaurants

STARTING AS A SMALL HOT POT RESTAURANT in Sichuan, China, in 1994, Haidilao quickly distinguished itself from its competitors by its high-quality spicy offerings and distinctive customer-centric style. Today, Haidilao is a restaurant chain synonymous with hot pot and has served over a billion customers globally at its 1700 outlets spanning 16 countries and four continents.

Behind its enviable brand popularity and growth across the world is its ‘change your destiny with your own hands’ philosophy. Haidilao is renowned for its fresh ingredients, constant innovative approach and total dining experience. It strives to provide the ultimate interaction, going above and beyond the classic mantra of restaurant service with a warm smile. Value-added services such as complimentary birthday cakes and songs, ‘laomian’ Signature Noodles performances, free manicure services for the ladies and free tidbits and drinks for waiting customers all contribute to maintaining brand loyalty among its happy diners.

Here in Singapore, where there are 20 outlets, Haidilao aims to enhance brand trust by focusing on continuous innovation and the development of localised products by its R&D team. The menu offers dishes rooted in Singaporean flavours, such as the initial Curry Soup Base, the locally adored Haidilao Bai-Yu style (collagen) Soup Base, and the aromatic So-Fish-ticated soup base inspired by fish head steamboat. A recent addition, the Mala Milk Broth, caters to customers who prefer a milder spice option.

Singaporeans have responded with their trust in Haidilao by voting it a Gold winner in the new Trusted Brand Chinese Restaurants category.

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