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TRUTH IS IN GMA’S DNA. The network has been fearless in the pursuit of truth since its humble beginnings in the 1950s. While other stations were airing soap operas and musicals, GMA aired local newscasts and political analyses.

Today, truth continues to be part of its daily drill, which includes integrated news, public affairs and entertainment programs. In the

recently concluded election coverage, GMA’s advocacy campaign theme was ‘Dapat Totoo’, signalling its commitment to truth above all else.

GMA’s unrivalled independence and distinct brand of journalism continue to receive local and international recognition. “People know that GMA does what is good, correct and ethical,” says Atty. Felipe Gozon, Chairman and CEO. “This is the essence of what we call Serbisyong Totooor Genuine Service – the business of providing information without spin, without bias, just the truth.”

In order for more Filipinos to know the truth, GMA has illuminated further areas across the country with its digital transmission.

And to delight and foster greater connection with audiences, GMA continues to evolve. It has heavily invested in talent management and produced innovative original concepts that created an impact in the TV industry. “We produced Lolong, the most-watched Philippine TV show in 2022, and the phenomenal series Maria Clara at Ibarra, which sparked renewed interest in Philippine history and culture,” says Atty. Gozon.

GMA is recognized as one of the notable organizations that promote sustainability in the country, being the first media and broadcasting company in the Philippines to sign with the United Nations Global Compact.

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