Award: Gold
Category: Mattress

SINCE ITS HUMBLE BEGINNINGS in the 1970s, Malaysia’s first manufacturer of spring mattresses has grown to be a leading supplier throughout the region. Dreamland’s range of products can be seen next to leading international brands at major furniture retailers in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, as well as being one of the leading mattress suppliers to 5-star hotels in Malaysia.

A Trusted Brand Gold Award Winner since 2009, Dreamland is constantly striving to be at the forefront of technology and has long been a trailblazer of mattress innovations. Central to its success is Dreamland’s philosophy that ‘The Heart Matters When Selecting A Mattress’. The ‘heart’ of the mattress refers to its inner build that determines the strength, support and comfort level it offers the customer. To this end, Dreamland provides one of the most reliable and high-quality mattresses available in the market. The Dreamland Chiro range are the only mattresses in Malaysia co-designed and endorsed by qualified practising chiropractors, using pressure mapping technology that measures back pressure while sleeping.

The product’s strength also lies in its patented Miracoil Spring System, the world’s most advanced technology from the United States used in all mattresses in the Dreamland Chiro range. It’s the unparalleled benefits of this ‘heart’ of their mattresses that have led

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