Award: Gold
Category: Beauty/Slimming Centres

PROVIDING FAST AND EFFECTIVE customisable slimming treatments that effortlessly shape your lower body curves, dorra Slimming has helped more than 50,000 Singaporean women in its all-female environment since 2011. 

As one of the first beauty centres in Singapore to incorporate slimming peptides in its treatments, dorra Slimming is able to help busy women achieve their body goals effortlessly without diet, exercise or invasive methods. 

So impressed with dorra Slimming’s visible results was Singapore artist Joanne Peh, she became a brand ambassador to spread the word and instil body confidence in women. 

With seven outlets island-wide and treatments that last just 20-40 minutes, appointments at dorra Slimming are both convenient and fuss-free, which local celebrities Kimberly Chia and Tay Kewei can attest to. 

The tummy-, hip- and high-slimming experts recently helped both women on their postpartum journey to achieve their body goals. Following a customised treatment programme, Kimberley lost 2.5kg and 35cm in two months, regaining her pre-pregnancy body, while Kewei dropped from Size L to S, lost a total of 42cm, regained a flatter tummy, and got back her pre-pregnancy weight in three months.


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