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FOUNDED IN THE EARLY 1970s, Cap Buruh is proudly a Malaysian cooking oil brand formulated specifically to cater to Malaysians. Made from 100% pure palm olein – the golden crop of Malaysia – Cap Buruh Cooking Oil is preferred over other oils for its ability to preserve the natural taste and authentic flavours of a wide range of Malaysian all-time-favourite dishes and multi-cultural cuisines, and is what brings Malaysians to sit down and share great meals together.

To maintain credibility and trust amongst Malaysian households, Cap Buruh works closely with local authorities to abide with food safety standards. Cap Buruh Cooking Oil is verified by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Research Centre to have high stability standards under high heat.

Cap Buruh Cooking Oil is proud of the fact that its cooking oil is the only local brand in Malaysia recognised for its unique ‘Tahan 3X Goreng’ feature. ‘Usah Gugup, Cap Buruh Pasti Ranggup!’

Catering to Malaysian flavours, Cap Buruh Cooking Oil is the preferred choice for frying crispy and crunchy delicacies. Its unique ability to withstand at least 3 frying cycles while ensuring extra crisp in dishes is Cap Buruh’s promise, and allows Malaysians to repeatedly cook with the premium oil – providing value to consumers.

As a trusted brand for generations, Cap Buruh never neglects to bond with fellow Malaysians. Together with respected front-liners, Cap Buruh continues to support a range of local NGO welfare programmes and misfortune relief efforts to assist people in need to weather the storm.

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