Award: Gold
Category: TV Networks

FOR 70 YEARS, ABS-CBN HAS REMAINED COMMITTED to its mission to be in service of Filipinos worldwide, even in the face of adversity. 

Over time, ABS-CBN has evolved from being a leading broadcast network in the Philippines to a leading storytelling company, providing quality content across various platforms catering to both local Filipino viewers and global audiences.

As a trusted brand, ABS-CBN is driven to innovate and create meaningful and relevant stories that entertain, enlighten and inspire. The stories that the network produces not only captivate locals but also resonate with audiences around the world, showcasing ABS-CBN’s commitment to championing Filipino talent on the global stage. 

This consistency in giving audiences the best stories is the key to the network’s unwavering brand loyalty of Kapamilyas, our term of endearment for our loyal viewers. 

Despite the challenges in a rapidly evolving media landscape, Kapamilyas continue to follow ABS-CBN and its outstanding artists on traditional TV and various online and streaming platforms, underscoring the trust in the quality of service that ABS-CBN consistently provides. 

As ABS-CBN aspires to expand its global reach as a top-caliber content provider, it will always prioritize its audiences and keep their needs at the forefront of its creative processes.


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