Royal Umbrella

A LOCAL FAVOURITE FOR MORE THAN THREE DECADES FOR ITS HIGH-QUALITY RICE, Royal Umbrella continues to deliver above and beyond with its advanced technology and impressively stringent procedures.

Conducting proper harvesting techniques using the most advanced technologies in its field, its focus is on meeting high standards and, above all, delivering quality rice. This starts with the selection process of raw materials for proper rice cultivation. A team of rice specialists work closely with farmers at the paddy fields to ensure that excellent quality is always delivered.

It is the only brand on the market to have the rice DNA tested to ensure the authenticity of the 100 per cent Premium Thai Hom Mali rice with its long, narrow, translucent grains. The launch of the Royal Umbrella Healthy Series with Thai Fragrant Brown Rice and Mixed Rice, endorsed with the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS logo), are new additions for consumers looking for a nutritionally sound option.

In addition, Royal Umbrella is delivering on the goals of its Sustainability Rice Cultivation Campaign, which was established in 2012 to improve sustainability and increase the Thai Hom Mali rice farmers’ livelihoods.