Pilot pen Pilot Rexgrip Mechanical Pencils come in an assortment of coloured barrels

A CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE AND the impetus to strive towards continuous improvement has contributed to Pilot’s long-term brand success. This company, which was founded in 1918, has continued to be a mixture of tradition and innovation throughout every decade.

The Pilot Shaker pencil was introduced in the early 1980s and revolutionised the industry. This clever creation, which allows users to eject the lead through a shaking motion, is still incredibly popular because of both its impressive design and its quality.

In the early 2000s, Pilot also took a giant environmental leap and introduced its first range of ecofriendly products manufactured from at least 70 per cent recycled materials. In fact, Pilot was the first in the world to introduce a full line of earth-friendly writing instruments. It signified the beginning of their long-term commitment towards helping to save the environment while providing the best in quality and design.

The environmentally-friendly and refillable Pilot Rexgrip Mechanical Pencils, which are part of the Begreen range and manufactured from recycled plastic, sketch and write in fine lines. The ergonomic rubberised grip enables you to write or sketch all day without experiencing writers’ fatigue. These mechanical pencils feature an eraser, a fully retractable nib and a clip which makes them perfect for writing on the go.