oki Cooking Oil

AS A HOMEGROWN SINGAPOREAN BRAND with a global reach stretching across over 80 countries, OKI is the cooking oil of choice for some of the world's most food-loving - and health conscious - chefs.

But it's in Singapore, where OKI finds its most devoted customers. It's no secret that Singaporeans love to eat, and OKI has developed a reputation as a high-quality, healthy cooking oil that accentuates the flavours of ingredients used by home cooks and chefs in popular restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses across the island city.

With a local manufacturing base, OKI can adjust quickly to market demands. This meant that during the Circuit Breaker in 2020-2021, OKI was able to speedily increase production to meet local needs.

OKI has been a proud participant of the HPB healthier cooking oil program for the food service industry for many years and offers a range of healthy-choice cooking oils. Over the years, OKI has been extending its product range to include sweetened condensed milk, evaporated creamer, and also premixes such as chicken coatings and seasonings in order to meet ever-changing consumer needs.

OKI's relationship with its customers extends beyond the supermarket. Through its social media channels, it shares healthy recipes with food fans, as well as cooking videos and celebrity cooking segments. It's just one other aspect that has helped make OKI the cooking oil that healthy food lovers trust most.

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