Novita Air purifier

RENOWNED AND RECOGNISED by both the industry and consumers for product technology, innovation and design, it is the dedication to the finer details that powers novita’s growth. Combining the best of new technology with competitive know-how, novita constantly enriches modern households by enhancing quality of life with creative solutions to everyday issues, such as revolutionising your indoor laundry drying simply and cost-effectively.

Awarded with the Trusted Brands Gold award for the Air Purifier category seven years in a row, novita has a wide range of innovative products to enrich modern households, such as novita LaundryFresh dehumidifiers.

Laundry drying is a breeze even on cloudy days with novita LaundryFresh™ dehumidifier ND838.

Beat the uncomfortable and persistently humid conditions and leave it to ND838 to do your everyday laundry drying! It removes excess moisture in the air – up to 30 litres/day – and maintains ideal humidity conditions to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Fitted with the enhanced dual mesh activated carbon filter, it effectively deodorises and eliminates lingering unpleasant odours from damp garments.

The unit also produces millions of negative ions to eliminate airborne allergens and germs, resulting in clean, fresh air.

Complete the LaundryFresh experience by pairing the dehumidifier with an AirCare Air Sterilizer. Producing controlled ozone concentration, it promptly sterilizes the air thoroughly by oxidizing airborne germs and unpleasant odours.