Novita Air purifier

A HOMEGROWN SINGAPORE BRAND,novita has been creating revolutionary solutions to enhance quality of life in Singapore and Southeast Asia for almost 20 years. Driven by continuous innovation, novita constantly keeps ahead of trends – enriching modern households with its range of highquality Air.Water.Body products.

Because the air we breathe can contain airborne allergens and germs that can have a negative impact on our respiratory system and wellbeing, ensuring we breathe quality clean air in our homes is essential to our health.

With more than 15 air purifying products to choose from, novita has the right solution to improve your indoor space, including the ultimate, AirCare Pro™ Air/Surface Sterilizer NAS12000. Powered by QuadSystem™ Technology, the AirCare Pro™ provides complete air-quality management and surface sanitization. It allows you to sanitize, sterilize, ionize and purify your surrounding area, effectively eliminating airborne bacteria and viruses, while the Smart App allows you to monitor your real-time air quality with PM2.5 display, and has pre-set preferred fan speed, timer and away modes. The AirCare Pro™ gives you control of your air quality and is ideal in homes, clinics, childcare centres and offices.

novita has not forgotten people on the move. With its Portable Disinfectant H-Mist02, you can eliminate more than 99.99 per cent of surface-bound germs within 30 seconds, giving you complete disinfectant control anytime, anywhere, such as aircrafts, hotels, childcare centres, public toilets, hospitals, public transport, and restaurants.

To use the Eco-Friendly and economical H-Mist02, simply fill with regular water and insert 3xAAA batteries. It’s also friendlier on your wallets and the environment than wet wipes.