EQUAL HAS BEEN PROVIDING lowcalorie and zero-calorie sweeteners to millions of users around the world for nearly 40 years. Over that time, Equal has gained the trust of consumers who want to continue to enjoy the sweet taste they crave but also want to cut back on sugar and calories, whether for medical reasons or to manage their weight.

Consumers keen to look after their health and adopt a more natural lifestyle can now enjoy the new Equal monk fruit sugar replacement range

During the pandemic, when people spent long periods at home, many were reacquainted with the pleasures of cooking and baking. With more time on their hands, many have been keen to adapt their habits and practices towards a healthier lifestyle. To help them reach their goals, Equal launched a new sugar replacement range in Singapore and Malaysia with monk fruit as a key ingredient.

Harvested for centuries by Buddhist monks in Southern China, monk fruit (also known as 'Luo Han Guo' and 'Buddha's Fruit') was used to make sweet, cooling drinks and traditional remedies to promote longevity. Equal? Monk Fruit Natural Sugar Replacement is made with natural ingredients, tastes and acts like sugar, is keto-friendly, and has zero calories per serving.

Continuing to embrace the global trend for more natural products, the team at Equal is working on new great-tasting sugar replacement formulas, which will be announced later this year.