A PIONEER IN SINGAPORE’S herbal hair care industry, Yun Nam Hair Care has been a local favourite for more than 37 years. This premium brand marries prized Chinese herbs, such as ginseng, dang gui and he shou wu, with advanced technology to create a positive solution for hair and scalp issues.

With a vision of giving everyone a head full of thicker, healthier hair, over the past few decades, treatments and products have consistently improved. Their clients see a visible improvement in their scalp condition after just one session, and increased hair growth with follow-up sessions, thus restoring self-confidence.

To ensure the very best customer service, Yun Nam Hair Care has introduced a WeCare feedback system that allows clients to provide immediate feedback on its services.

Along with a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, this year Yun Nam Hair Care has plans to create easily digestible content on TikTok to improve its brand awareness among younger audiences and to educate them on the importance of preventing hair and scalp issues. At Yun Nam Hair Care, it’s all about delivering on promises and ensuring that customers are satisfied and enjoying greater self-confidence, along with thick, lustrous hair.