Mitsubishi Electric

DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED in the pursuit of excellence, Mitsubishi Electric Asia’s fridges have been developed with superior food preservation technologies and tested with uncompromising precision.

Its Supercool Freezing Technology, found in the Made in Japan Folio series, is a process that lowers the temperature of liquids below their freezing point without them becoming solid – helping preserve food for up to three weeks. As the food stays at the controlled temperature of -7ºC, no ice crystals are formed, resulting in fresher, better tasting food that stays nutrient-dense longer – saving you money and helping you cut down on food waste.

Mitsubishi Electric Asia’s impressive product ranges from two-door to sixdoor refrigerators that memorise your household’s usage patterns to reduce energy usage and save you money on your energy bills.

Mitsubishi Electric Asia regards its corporate social responsibility initiatives as the foundation of their corporate management.

It contributes towards an affluent society, making a positive impact through carrying out a variety of community-based activities to bring joy to the lives of the less fortunate in Singapore. Before the pandemic, it worked closely with Care Corner Family Service Centre (FSC) (Admiralty) by setting up two community refrigerators to aid the needy. The intention behind the donations was to encourage local residents to share and donate food to help each other out when they can.

Food stays at a controlled temperature, resulting in fresher, better tasting food