Mitsubishi Electric

WELL KNOWN GLOBALLY for reliability, Mitsubishi Electric provides innovative products and services with unsurpassed quality. Committed to best business practices and satisfying market trends and demands, Mitsubishi Electric has earned the trust of consumers over many years.

Acutely aware of the shift in climate around the world, Mitsubishi Electric has embraced green living and is part of the move towards a more sustainable, safer, and more secure future. Its aim is to continuously develop products and systems that save energy to help reduce CO2 emissions and environmental load while still achieving comfort for its customers. To this end, Mitsubishi Electric has launched a complete range of 5-tick Excellent Energy Efficient air conditioners which significantly reduces energy consumption. Its Dual Barrier feature – a coating on the inner surface to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the air conditioners – enables users to further save on electricity. And with the Smart Home integration option, homeowners can monitor and control the air temperature anywhere, anytime.

A strong believer in repaying society and spreading comfort around, Mitsubishi Electric is well recognised for its benevolence. Actively mobilising its employees in community activities, it also supports educational initiatives and welfare programs.