Mitsubishi Electric

A RECOGNISED WORLD LEADER in the electric and electronics industry since 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has been at the forefront of Japan’s technical ingenuity and product innovation. Committed to continually improving its technologies to enhance the quality of people’s lives, it offers reliable products with unsurpassed quality.

In pursuit of sustainable growth, Mitsubishi Electric Asia not only creates value for its customers but also addresses social challenges, such as global warming, energy consumption and safety issues through its business activities.

As part of its commitment in reducing global warming, Mitsubishi Electric Asia is setting environmental targets and developing new and innovative products that use a low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant. Adopting the new lower GWP refrigerant R32 allows its air conditioners to use less refrigerant, resulting in lower carbon emissions and lower energy costs for consumers.

Continuing with its mission of ensuring clean indoor air, Mitsubishi Electric Asia’s new Starmex series features indoor units that work to break bacteria, mould and odours, while the Microparticle Catching Filter effectively maintains cleaner air indoors, and the Electrostatic Antiallergy Enzyme Filter* neutralises 99.9% of the influenza virus, Staph and E.coli bacteria in 24 hours.

The new lower global warming potential refrigerant results in lower carbon emissions and lower energy costs

* Optional Parts