MANY WOMEN WISH TO FLAUNT A SVELTE FIGURE BUT ACHIEVING THIS CAN BE CHALLENGING. With busy schedules, and family and work commitments to juggle, many find that sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan can be too hard.

Nevertheless, dorra Slimming recognises that for women, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is vital to building confidence and revealing personal beauty.

Since 2011, dorra has helped over 50,000 clients achieve their slimming goals through customised treatments that suit their individual body type and address the underlying cause of weight gain. Among these clients is Singapore artiste Jayley Woo, whose positive and visible results led her to join dorra as Brand Ambassador to help spread the word of dorra’s weightloss breakthrough.

Women can also feel more empowered and confident through weight loss. To this end, Brand Ambassador Joanne Peh, one of Singapore’s top artistes and the latest addition to dorra’s family, is determined to help women realise confidence in their body beauty.

Furthermore, dorra is one of the first slimming clinics in Singapore to incorporate advanced non-invasive technologies, such as slimming peptides, into its slimming treatments with visibly pleasing results.

The support doesn’t end at the clinic. dorra has lively social media communities on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, where clients can share their weight loss journey and enjoy support from others. dorra’s female-only clientele also enjoy exclusive deals during special events, such as this year’s International Women’s Day campaign, featuring Joanne Peh.

With seven outlets across Singapore, there’s a trusted dorra Slimming centre near you.

*Individual rates may vary