“WE BELIEVE THAT OUR CLIENTS’ TRUST is rooted in the service we offer them,” says Benedict Sison, Sun Life Philippines CEO & Country Head. “In every stage of their journey with us – from seeking advice on their financial needs, choosing product solutions, growing their financial portfolio, to receiving their benefits – trust is nurtured in various ways. We provide clients with customized advice through thorough financial needs analysis, relevant product solutions, timely action on their concerns, and engagement activities designed to help them achieve financial security.”

Sun Life strives to fulfill its promise as a lifetime partner in its clients’ pursuit of financial security and healthier lives – a legacy that’s borne out of the company’s 126-year old history. Sun Life’s legacy, as well as its #1 position, is anchored on the trust of Filipinos whom it aims to protect and nurture for many more years to come.

To continually improve brand trust, Sun Life makes it a point to listen to what clients say, and anticipate their needs by providing relevant solutions that adapt to their constantly changing needs and lifestyles.

Digitalization of services allowed Sun Life to continue serving clients last year, even as the country went into lockdown. This year, its digital transformation will continue.

“Longevity is a badge of honor in this industry, and as the first and longest-standing life insurance company in the Philippines, Sun Life wears it proudly because it stands for the lifetime partnerships we have with generations of Filipino families,” says Mr. Sison.