FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY, Sharp Corporation has been continuously offering innovative and efficient products that cater to the ever-changing demands of savvy consumers.

In the laundry department, Sharp offers a wide variety of washing machines. Known for their durability, quality and reliability, there is a Sharp washing machine to suit every Filipino’s family needs and budget.

By incorporating cutting-edge technology into its durable and highquality washing machines, Sharp continuously strives to be the product of choice for Filipino families when it comes to laundry matters.

Sharp’s latest innovation is its line of fully automatic washing machines. Built with a holeless tub, it saves up to 30 per cent water every time you load it up for a more efficient and environment-friendly wash.

Available in three sizes, 9.5 kg, 10.5 kg and 11.5 kg, the top loading No Holes Tub Fully Automatic machines come equipped with a tempered glass lid, an ecoshower rinse, soak/fragrance functions, an auto tub cleaner, and an antibacterial pulsator to keep the inside of the tub sanitised.

To provide peace of mind and satisfaction to every Filipino household, Sharp listens closely to what customers tell them in their feedback. It continually uses this information to further improve and develop its washing machines and bring comfort and convenience to all Sharp washing machine users.