SINCE 1969, MONTEREY MEATS has unwaveringly delivered its promise of providing top quality, fresh meats to Filipino consumers every day. With that promise of excellence consistently met, Monterey Meats has gained the trust of Filipino consumers. The earned trust from the consumers further amplified Monterey’s responsibility of ensuring that it’s responsive to the changing needs and expectations of consumers, since today’s consumers are not only concerned about quality, convenience and affordability but are, more often than not, time-constrained. If a mom wants to cook her family’s usual meals for that day or week, she ideally prefers to be able to pick up the meat, vegetables and seasoning at only one store. She often prefers the store that is clean, and has a comfortable atmosphere with hospitable and expert staff to guide her. This is the idea behind the new Monterey Community Market, which not only provides pork, beef and chicken products but also a wide array of grocery items and is the ultimate one-stop meal solutions store in the Philippines. Even if they are on the go, Filipino consumers won’t be short of options when it comes to putting together a great meal.