Mercury Drug

MERCURY DRUG owes its success to the culture of care, humility and service initiated by its founder, Mariano Que.

Its reputation as a trusted and caring healthcare partner sprung from Que’s wish to enable people to buy medicines ‘tingitingi’ (by piece) and to serve their needs at any time. Long before the concept of 24/7, Que and his wife would get up in the early hours, even if their store was closed, to serve those in urgent need.

Through the years, Mercury Drug has gained the trust of its customers by ensuring that there is a store within easy access and that there is a Gising 24 Oras store in strategic locations.

Its slogan ‘Nakasisiguro gamot ay laging bago’, now a by-word among Filipinos, upholds its customers’ trust that only fresh stocks can be found at Mercury Drug.

In 2018, it opened diabetes specialty corners to assist diabetics and their families. More of such specialty services will open nationwide as well as an online store for customers’ convenience.