Sharp Zoe Chi, Vice President,
J&T Express Philippines

WITH A LOFTY AIM of becoming the best e-commerce delivery company in Southeast Asia, J&T Express is well and truly making impressive inroads.

The technology-based express delivery company entered the market in Indonesia in 2015 to provide a fast, easy and hassle-free delivery service with an efficient claims settlement system. It successfully became the country’s leading e-commerce brand and has since expanded to eight countries in Southeast Asia – launching in the Philippines two years ago.

To date, J&T Express Philippines prides itself on having advanced logistics technology, an extensive fleet of 1000 trucks, almost 600 branches, and warehouses spanning the north and south of the country – providing more than 25,000 Filipinos with jobs.

Since its launch, J&T Express has built consumer trust and brand loyalty by consistently providing a fast and efficient service at affordable rates.

To meet the demands of the growing logistics market, J&T Express continually makes improvements to its operations and service, such as its ‘next day delivery within the same city’, which is made possible by its 24/7 secured sorting facilities.

The best way to experience J&T Express is to download the userfriendly app where you can place orders and track parcels in real-time.

J&T Express has advanced logistics technology, an extensive fleet and 600 branches