PLDT Fiber

WHEN THE PANDEMIC UNFOLDED, it forced businesses, both big and small, to alter their current business practices and quickly move with the rapidly changing marketplace. For Indoplas Philippines – the first Filipino-owned company producing premium quality medical devices that adhered to international standards – the challenge was to add consumer retail to its highly specialized institutionalized base.

Starting as a contract manufacturer of healthcare equipment for multinational companies in 1979, today Indoplas Philippines is a leading brand in the medical device industry, with its own distribution network both locally and internationally.

“Fortunately, when COVID-19 began, we were able to offer consumer advice on proper face masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) and show how Indoplas face masks were different from our competitors,” said a spokesperson for Indoplas Philippines management.

Wearing a mask for 8 to 12 hours is very unnatural, so a face mask that is comfortable and allows you to breathe easily while providing medical grade protection and the correct filter efficiency, is most welcome.

“Heritage users trust our masks while new users are almost instantly converted due to the high protection level, ease of breathing, and comfort of our masks,” said the spokesperson.

Indoplas Philippines now provides more than 3,000 healthcare products over multiple categories, including medical consumables, respiratory products, hospital furniture and mobility equipment.  Visit www.indoplasphil