Ideal Vision center

IDEAL VISION CENTER (IVC) is a trailblazer when it comes to the eyewear retail market and clinical practices. Welcoming staff and fully trained eye doctors, who understand the many aspects of eye health, provide clients with service excellence and the utmost of care.

IVC offers the latest advancements in optometry services that fully address different eye health needs, and for those needing a little help, it provides multiple options, such as glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.

Clients have always been at the core of the business since IVC opened its doors more than three decades ago. IVC proudly offers the very best in quality frames and lenses, as well as a wide selection of global brands and styles that meet diverse lifestyles and needs, including sporting, casual, kids and luxury eyewear.

IVC cares about your eye health and provides store and brand exclusive deals, such as entrylevel packages to encourage the younger generation to take care of their eyes as early as possible. With continual branch expansion and a strong online presence, IVC is now more convenient and accessible for clients than ever.