Condura Fridge

THE FILIPINO COMES FIRST. That’s why Filipinos have trusted Condura refrigerator and freezers for 30 years. The brand knows that no one understands the needs and wants of Filipino consumers when it comes to food storage and beverage cooling like a true Filipino. Condura listens to its consumers and understands their unique lifestyle, which is why it has been so successful in designing and manufacturing innovative products the Filipino consumer really loves and appreciates.

As one of the largest appliance manufacturers in the Philippines, Condura refrigerators and freezers have been an integral part of life for both businesses and the domestic market for three decades. And the company intends it to stay that way by continually inventing new products and features that address specific consumer needs that help improve the everyday lives of Filipinos. Such as its Double Cooling technology, which helps keep food fresh by stopping odors and flavours from mixing.

In 2019, Filipino consumers can look forward to a new range of Negosyo inverter refrigerator/freezers. Made for the unique needs of Filipino consumers, the range combines style and functionality, freezing food 2x faster than the average refrigerator/ freezer. Consumers know they can trust Negosyo refrigerators to be superior in freezer size, durability, organization, convenience, cool-factor and other worry-free features.