Citi Credit Cards

CREDIT CARDS ARE UNDENIABLY useful. You can easily book flights and accommodation all over the world, purchase clothes, groceries, furniture, and practically anything else you can think of. That said, the prospect of dealing with exorbitant or complicated fees and payment schemes can often be confusing and intimidating for people, when it comes to actually applying for one.

Enter Citi Simplicity+ Citi has something for those who want the perks of a credit card, without the hassle. Simplicity+ cuts out all the complications of having a credit card, never charging you annual fees, overlimit fees and late fees. This card will let you enjoy all the benefits of having a credit card with none of the headaches. In fact, Simplicity+ rewards you for simply paying your bill on time (something you should be doing anyway).

If you pay at least the minimum amount due on your due date, you’ll actually be getting 10% interest returned to you. How wonderful is that? To top it off, you can also get access to Citi’s travel, dining, shopping and 0% PayLite offers!

Apply for one today and discover the beauty of Simplicity+.