Asian Eye Clinic

THE LIFESTYLES AND HABITS of Filipinos are fast-changing due to advances in technology. They spend more time in front of screens that can lead to sedentary lifestyles, resulting in higher incidences of diseases affecting eye health. Unfortunately, they don’t get their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist regularly, so many discover they have an eye problem when it is already in an advanced stage.

As the largest ambulatory eye institute in the country, Asian Eye Institute focuses on educating Filipino families about proper eye care and bringing quality eye care within their reach. It offers new services and affordable rates, and is opening state-of-the-art clinics in strategic locations in Luzon.

This 2019, Asian Eye is introducing teleophthalmogy or tele-consultation. A first in the country, it addresses the major concerns of patients, such as pricey eye check-ups, long wait times and anxiety over waiting for medical results. By offering patients video call consultations, it is easier and more convenient for them to learn about their eye condition and act on it before they lose their vision.

Asian Eye also offers surgery packages and a variety of eyeglass frame and lens options through its sister brand, EyeSite. Currently found in two locations in Batangas and one in Cavite, two new EyeSite clinics will soon rise in Metro Manila.