IN 2009, PHILAM LIFE officially became part of the AIA Group – a leading Pan-Asian life insurance organization that’s over 100 years old, has a presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region, and is based in Hong Kong. Last year, Philam Life announced its transition to AIA Philippines with a new brand name aligned with the AIA Group.

By constantly driving innovation, AIA Philippines has remained at the forefront of the life insurance industry, introducing first to market concepts such as Philam Vitality in 2015. The game-changing, appbased wellness program helps customers live better by giving them the means to improve their health, and incentivize them with rewards as they do so.

With the declaration of a worldwide pandemic in 2020, AIA Philippines was again challenged to innovate and adapt quickly. With the closure of the Customer Service Centers and the lockdowns limiting the movement of financial advisors, there was a need to find alternative ways to be accessible to customers. In a matter of weeks, AIA Philippines launched its chatbot and enhanced digital selling (EDS) system. Within another month or so, a more robust platform replaced EDS, called the Coffee Closing, where digital selling could be finished within 20 minutes – or before the coffee gets cold.

“Beyond our achievements through the years, the strength of AIA Philippines has always been its people. We are where we are today because of our employees and partners whose work brought so much pride to the company,” said AIA Philippines CEO Kelvin Ang. “We look back in gratitude to their contributions for bringing AIA Philippines to where it is today.

“Amid the pandemic, we made the transition to AIA Philippines because we know that we need to take a bold step to fully embrace a future full of possibilities.

By evolving into AIA Philippines, we finally embody who we are: a company with local understanding imbued with global strength and capabilities.”