panda ballpen

THE PHRASES ‘EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY’ AND ‘VALUE FOR MONEY’ sum up Panda Ballpens perfectly and are value statements the company keeps close to its heart. At Panda, they want you to experience its pens’ real worth, and that’s why Panda Ballpens will keep writing until you’ve exhausted the last drop of ink.

Panda launched its brand of pens almost 43 years ago with a vision to compete with world-famous brands such as Reynold, Bic and Pilot. Today, Panda can happily say that it is well and truly a competitor of these companies on the world stage. But what sets Panda Ballpens apart from their competition? ‘Always imitated, never duplicated’ is a quote that comes to mind and perfectly fits with the company’s ethos.

After decades of hard work and commitment in the Philippines, Panda Ballpens has built a reputation for providing consistently high-quality pens at affordable prices and earned itself a strong following in the community. Panda products are sold in almost every mall and supermarket in the country, and most office workers use one or more Panda Ballpens daily.