FOUNDED IN 2010 ON A LOVE FOR TEA and fuelled by a passion for wellbeing, the goal in establishing Infinitea was to bring the joy of healthy living through tea to the hearts of Filipinos. As one of the first pearl milk tea brands in the Philippines, this food service company takes its responsibility seriously to educate the public about the health benefits of tea-based beverages.

Infinitea is committed to being the best in the field and as such, is the biggest milk tea company in the country, with over 400 branches nationwide. What sets Infinitea apart from other brands is its exclusive formulas. Using quality ingredients, the signature tastes are specifically formulated to ensure Infinitea beverages stand out from the rest.

With more than 100 items on the menu, including a variety of tea-based drinks (such as pearl milk teas, original teas and fruit teas) for tea enthusiasts and non-tea drinks (such as frappes, sodas and its iced series), Infinitea has the widest product range in the industry. But innovation doesn’t stop there. Infinitea is constantly growing its beverage range, and introduces an average of 15 new products each year.

To keep franchisees at the top of their game, Infinitea provides extensive training for staff. With a Research and Development team comprising the most reliable food and beverage professionals in the country, and training centres providing unparalleled services, Infinitea’s exclusive training program is the envy of the industry.

Infinitea, not just your ordinary tea.