Condura aircon

BECAUSE CONDURA IS A FILIPINO BRAND, it understands the unique needs of Filipino households and consciously designs products that offer solutions to challenges they face every day. The patented energy savings plug (ESP) is one such example. This energysaving feature turns on the air conditioner’s fan when the AC is turned off, and was developed out of the Pinoy habit of getting out of bed at night to turn off the AC, when the room had cooled down, and turn on the electric fan, to save on energy costs.

Condura also understands the realities of harsh and tropical weather conditions in the Philippines and its custom line of ACs are built to withstand them. For example, the Condura 6X Plus Window Type Aircon is equipped with Durakote Protection – a coating that protects against rust and corrosion – for durability and long-lasting use.

“Condura builds air conditioners to withstand the harsh weather conditions in the Philippines.”

To provide easier access and seamless transactions to its products, Condura quickly moved to e-commerce platforms when the pandemic first hit. The company also engaged with partner dealers to make its products available on their e-commerce sites, thus providing more platforms for consumers to reach customer service representatives.

Condura’s aim is to provide home and business solutions to Filipinos so they and their families can live better lives.