Condura aircon

IT IS NO SMALL FEAT for a local brand to be able to compete, much less thrive, in a market dominated by global players. This is exactly what Condura has achieved in the air-conditioning industry.

Its unique perspective as a proudly Filipino brand allows Condura to be responsive to the most basic tenet of the Filipino consumer – that every purchase made must be able to provide the best value for money. In air conditioning, this simply means two things: energy savings and long-lasting durability.

Through Filipino ingenuity, Condura has come up with exclusive product breakthroughs such as the Energy Savings Plug (ESP). When used in conjunction with the aircon timer and an electric fan, the ESP allows for additional energy savings. Now, everyone can enjoy the comfort of a good night’s sleep without worrying about their electric bill.

Inspired by Filipino resilience, Condura has built its units tough to withstand harsh Philippine weather conditions. Its Durakote protection allows each unit to function optimally and troublefree through the hottest of summers or the wettest of rains, year in and year out, in a climate unique to countries such as the Philippines.

The trust that consumers have placed in Condura all this time has enabled it to rise to the top of the category as one of the leading brands in air conditioning.

Condura commits to continue earning that trust by remaining steadfast in its commitment to empower consumers through Filipino Excellence for a Better Choice.

Condura air conditioners are available at major appliance stores nationwide.