AS AN EYE SPECIALIST, VISTA’s vision is to be a TOP eye specialist in the world and WOW experience is a key core value to bring about that reality. Each step of a patient’s contact point is carefully designed to give the patient an experience unlike a normal visit to a clinic. Besides providing technologically advanced and clinically proven eye examinations and treatments, the amenities and environment in VISTA will not remind you that you’re in a clinic waiting for your turn. From having thematic photo booths and touching birthday celebrations for patients; to evening calls for surgery patients that day, reminders on using their medication, next appointments, and periodical check-ins.

“Recognition from the Reader’s Digest as the winner reinforces our core value of delivering WOW experiences,” said Chloe Wong, Chief Marketing at VISTA. “As clichéd as it sounds, people don’t remember what you say but rather how you made them feel. And that’s exactly our goal – to spark joy; we want their visit to be a once-in-alifetime experience.”

By instilling a culture of service excellence via training and empowerment, creating a happy work environment for staff, acknowledgement and sharing of best practices and happy stories from patients, and listening to the staff in a genuine manner, VISTA’s motto “Happy staff = Happy patients” is one of the key strategies in their WOW service efforts.