AWARD-WINNING BRAND TEALIVE started brewing in Malaysia in February 2017 and has since bubbled into the largest lifestyle tea brand in Southeast Asia. Today it serves over 700 outlets in countries, including the UK, Australia, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines, and is Malaysia’s largest Made-To-Order beverage provider.

Well-known today for its entrepreneurial spirit, Tealive created its DIY bubble tea kit, just one week after the pandemic forced the population into lockdown, so Malaysians could continue to enjoy their favourite bubble tea at home.

Within three days of launching online, Tealive had sold 1000 of the kits, which have since gone on to win numerous awards.

Tealive has continued to innovate to change the way the world drinks tea, especially in the digital sphere, such as the launch of the Tealive app for online ordering. Less conventionally, it gave customers a unique online-to-offline experience with a popular mobile game, LifeAfter. This one-of-a-kind event brought virtual Tealive food and drinks into the real world. Available virtually as supplies to the players first, Tealive surprised the public with a real-life launch.

The brand maintains the interest of customers by often providing them with something exciting to look forward to, such as limited-time offerings and unconventional brand collaborations. One example of this is the recent Tealive Famous Amos, which incorporated the popular cookie as a key ingredient in its drinks.