Prof Muhaya Eye & LASIK Centre

FOUNDED IN 2014, the multiaward-winning Prof Muhaya Eye & LASIK Centre (PMELC) is one of the fastest-growing eye centres providing high refractive procedures in Malaysia today. Broadening its services year by year, PMELC now offers a wide range of services and comprehensive eye assessments to Malaysians and international patients.

At PMELC, patients are the focus, and staff go out of their way to provide outstanding customer service and superior value through the PMELC culture, known as C.A.R.E.S (Caring, Agility, Responsive, Excellent Execution, and Smile). Each value illustrates how PMELC’s dedicated staff and experienced consultant ophthalmologists interact with each other and their patients. When it comes to eye treatments, the company wants PMELC to be the consumer’s choice and is therefore continually looking for new ways to improve every facet of its customers’ service journey. One of the ways is by constructing feedback forms.

In-house events, road tours, exhibitions and awareness campaigns plus digital marketing are just some of the ways PMELC keep the public informed about corrective eye surgery and improving vision across the generations.

PMELC is committed to facilitating your journey of enhancing vision by producing world-class staff that will provide good service quality to patients. PMELC is continuously seeking to drive High-Performance Organisation (HPO), and it is the company’s key priority year upon year.

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