Award: Gold
Category: Air Conditioner, Washing Machine, TV

WITH OVER 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN BETTERING MALAYSIANS’ LIVES, Panasonic continues to lead the way in offering innovative products most recognised for “quality, performance safety and reliability”. From its patented nanoe™ air purifying technology to its game-changing Hollywood-grade OLED technology, Panasonic is helping Malaysian consumers not just to live, but to flourish.

Today, the increase of online convenience means brand loyalty could easily evaporate with the ever-changing consumer trends – but quality products don’t. Above all, it is Panasonic’s uncompromising stand on safety and quality that made it a Trusted Brand by consumers and remained so beloved over the years.

As a century-old legacy brand, Panasonic constantly evolves – in both its products and branding – all the while remaining true to its brand mission: to create “A Better Life, A Better World”. Part of its greatest success was due to its ability to shift marketing efforts to fit millennial audiences – where it is all about providing seamless experiences and exciting values to customers.

Moving forward, Panasonic will anchor on this as its forte as it reaches out to customers beyond its existing base. Undeniably, the market may be competitive, but the company believes through unparalleled quality and innovative capabilities, Panasonic will continue its inspiring journey of improving lives.