CRUNCH! THERE GOES ANOTHER happy Muncher! Malaysia’s most beloved biscuit brand has been inspiring happiness (and leaving a large trail of biscuit crumbs) since it first started in 1991. Over the years, Munchy’s has grown from strength to strength, consistently producing the yummiest products made from the finest ingredients. Today, Munchy’s serves the entire nation, plus 50 countries worldwide, with its delicious baked goodies.

Devotees of Munchy’s know they can find biscuits for every taste and need – Oat Krunch for a healthy snack that is also scrumptious; Lexus, a delightful treat that gives you the perfect balance between sweet and savoury; and Crackers for dipping into your hot beverage.

Munchy’s is always moving with the times to stay one munch ahead of its growing customer base. Munchy’s trans-fat free Oat Krunch now comes in a flexible Slug Pack, significantly decreasing its use of packaging to help reduce environmental impact.

For munchers after something a bit different, Munchy’s Lexus Sandwich, with a dash of Himalayan salt in the chocolate and vanilla cream biscuits, offers the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

Munchy’s loves giving back the love we receive. In response to the pandemic, Munchy’s has supported frontline healthcare workers, the armed forces and the homeless by distributing thousands of biscuits throughout Malaysia. That’s just how we crunch.

The Spirit of Innovation is part of the company culture.