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THE NAME ‘KING KOIL’ HAS BEEN SYNONYMOUS WITH QUALITY, comfortable, high-value mattresses and foundations since the 1930s. However, the company was first created even earlier. In 1898, an ambitious man called Samuel Bronstein formed a small mattress factory called United States Bedding with six employees in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Today, these coveted handcrafted mattresses are sold in more than 90 countries worldwide.

KingKoil Malaysia offers only the highest quality, selection, and service. Developing and manufacturing a wide range of revolutionary sleep products such as innerspring and fibre coirtex mattresses ensures it serves a network of over 1000 B2B customers throughout Malaysia. This includes interior decorators, hospitals, hostels, and hotel chains domestically and internationally.

The innovative KingKoil Extended Life Collection has been designed to be a mattress with exceptional body support, particularly to help with any back and neck issues. It is a joint development of King Koil and ICA (International Chiropractor Association). These mattresses use the King Koil patented CHIROTECHR Coil System with a thicker wire gauge and three times more coil counts than other ordinary spring systems. The research shows more spring equals more support and stability and a better night’s sleep.