Great Eastern is a leading insurance brand that has been trusted by generations of Malaysians for 113 years. It offers an extensive range of life and healthcare solutions to help its customers achieve financial security and wellbeing, whether their purpose is to protect themselves against the medical costs of a life-changing illness, or to care for all their loved ones across multiple generations.

Great Eastern’s Great Generation Care is the first-ever insurance plan in Malaysia that provides comprehensive critical illness protection for all three generations of one family under a single policy. It covers the customer, his or her children, and the customer's parents against a wide range of critical illness conditions.

Under Great Generation Care, customers are protected against 45 critical illnesses that include cancer, heart attack and stroke, as well as from the unexpected in _ life. Complimentary coverage is provided for all the customer’s children including the ones born in the future. This is offered without reducing the customer’s own coverage. The plan protects the children against the same 465 critical illnesses in addition to 11 child illnesses, with no medical underwriting required.

Great Generation Care also supports the customer to care for his or her parents in their golden years by adding the optional Parent Protect Rider to the plan. With no medical underwriting required, the parents are protected against three advanced stage critical illnesses that are prevalent among the ageing - Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and Parkinson's disease.