CREATING WELL-LOVED TEA with distinctive flavours and unique characters is what BOH is passionate about. The aroma and freshness of BOH tea is the legacy left by founder J.A. Russell nearly a century ago.

Transforming a tract of land in Malaysia’s highlands in 1929 into a tea plantation, the fertile soil and abundant rainfall made for ideal conditions to grow lush, premium tea. Today, BOH is among the finest tea specialists in the world and one of the few fully integrated tea companies, having mastered the art of tea production from tea bush to tea cup: growing, processing and packing its brand of authentic, home-grown Malaysian tea on site.

The leading Malaysian tea producer now has four tea gardens spanning 1,200 hectares which collectively produce approximately 4 million kilograms of tea annually.

BOH is an eco-friendly tea brand. With conservation of the environment and a focus on sustainability core values of the business, BOH is making a commitment to change.

BOH pyramid tea bags are now made from an environmentallyfriendly biodegradable material which offers excellent permeability for better infusion. The woven mesh bags are derived from cornstarch and can completely break down in soil.

A number of BOH’s fast moving and popular teas are now packed in recyclable materials. BOH is adopting recyclable packaging for its products as part of its sustainability efforts as well as to encourage customers to recycle. BOH also uses tear paperboard boxes, which removes the need for plastic wraps, and is continuing its sustainability efforts with its boxes soon to be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.