Little Caliphs

BELIEVING THAT KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENCES are signs of the Greatness of Allah, The Creator, The Little Caliphs® Program is the pioneer Islamic-English-Creative preschool program. It helps preschool children realise their best spiritual, cognitive, socioemotional and physical potential. The Little Caliphs® Program was founded in 2003 by academic author Hajjah Sabariah Faridah Jamaluddin and her husband, Haji Roslan bin Nordin, the business author of the program. The main goal is educating the new Muslim generation in the light of Islam. It sets out to inculcate the love of Islam and knowledge amongst young children as an early preparation for them to become an obedient slave of Allah, Khalifah of Allah, and an ummat of Nabi Muhammad (PBUH).

There are 408 branches of Little Caliphs all over Malaysia, with one branch in Jakarta.

Its achievement for the largest simultaneous participation of children for ‘Hajj Performing Program’ which involved 5684 students, was recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records 2017.

The Little Caliphs® Program was designed believing that there is a gold mine in every child, and when polished and educated in the light of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, the child will be able to live his full potential towards a successful life in this world and akhirah.