apm 康業副主席及行政總裁鄺正煒(圖右五)每年透過內部「突破創新獎勵計劃」,嘉許具創意的員工, 致力提升創意文化。

Hong Yip Service Co Ltd

Established in 1967, Hong Yip Service Company Limited (Hong Yip), as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd. (SHKP), has decades of experience in property and lifestyle management. It is currently an employer of over 11,000 people and manages a portfolio of nearly 1,600 individual building blocks. This figure represents a total of more than 114 million square feet ranging from private estates, luxurious houses, commercial and industrial buildings, car parking lots, shopping arcades to other education facilities.

Hong Yip has been constantly keeping abreast of the latest development and technology to raise the level of convenience and comfort for customers as well as to enhance the efficiency for our daily operation. We employ a technology-driven strategy to stimulate and incorporate innovation in the development process.

Optimising services with IoT

Hong Yip’s in-house developed application embedded with IoT to monitor building facilities. For instance, Tsuen Wan Plaza utilises IoT to equip with sensors to monitor overall operation condition of its escalators. The escalators incorporated sensors that connect with the 5G cloud management platform can deliver data when malfunctions occur and report in real-time to the property management team, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing subsequent accidents. Additionally, by utilising IoT, the property management team can remote control lighting and air-conditioning. This technology not only saves manpower in manually adjusting temperature and humidity, but also minimises electricity consumption and protects the environment.

SoProp App provides new experience for our customers

With the sharp rise in popularity of smartphone in recent years, Hong Yip self-developed a mobile application called “SoProp” in provision of up-to-date news and information such as management fees viewing and payment, clubhouse facilities booking, and etc. for residents. Its functions also include security system access and pre-register visitor information. In addition, new buyers can send feedbacks or request easily through another comprehensive service mobile app “Intake-Easy” to make appointment for defect inspection and repairing status monitoring, etc. during property handover. All these advantages and benefits can reduce manpower, streamline the daily and clubhouse operation work so as to offer a comfortable and convenient living environment for our residents.

Hong Yip

WeCom app for staff communication

Hong Yip makes use of self-developed interactive mobile application “WeCom” to facilitate internal communication. WeCom enables our staff to obtain the first-hand news and the latest company directions. It also facilitates e-learning job-related knowledge and ESG initiatives for staff, convey messages effectively so as to drive the whole company to progress towards the same goal and vision holistically.

Looking forward, Hong Yip will endeavor to pursue service excellence with a mission to provide a better living environment, to create a better lifestyle, and to build a better community for customers to enjoy.