Award: Platinum
Category: Bubble Milk Tea

SINCE LAUNCHING IN 2017, Tealive has bubbled its way to over 800 stores in Malaysia and nearly 100 stores in nine other markets globally, offering a wide variety of menu items, including specialty coffees, snacks, soft-serve ice cream, and its signature Toastea.

Despite the challenges facing Malaysia in 2023, Tealive is still committed to providing customers with their daily coffee fix, recently launching a new promotion where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee for just RM1. The brand also made a bold move by hiring celebrated actor Fikry Ibrahim as their new ‘CEO’ – Chief Espresso Officer. The CEO is actively involved in ensuring Tealive outlets serve only the best coffee, from using 100% Arabica beans to providing training in espresso shot pouring.

Tealive also offers customers the convenience of its app, allowing for easy online ordering as well as a generous loyalty programme.

By seeking customer feedback and analysing data, Tealive has been able to create some exciting new flavours – such as the Sakura with water chestnut pearls – utilising the latest food tech. Another creation saw a new take on a timeless Asian dessert with a sweet potato paste drink. The brand has also brought back the popular Lotus Biscoff drink, satisfying the cravings of Malaysians for a beloved local favourite.

Tealive’s commitment to product innovation has allowed the brand to stand out in a crowded market and continue to deliver exciting new flavours to its customers.

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